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AGRIDEA: Training for Facilitators – How to lead your group events efficiently and effectively

Etant donnée la situation actuelle en lien avec le coronavirus, différents événements sont annulés ou repoussés. regiossuisse ne garantit pas l’exactitude ni l’exhaustivité des informations. Veuillez contacter directement l'organisateur concerné si vous avez des questions.

Would you like to make your meetings, workshops and other group events more efficient and effective? Do you dream of arriving at sustainable solutions backed up by all? Then come and acquaint yourself with the essential skills of good facilitation! These skills will not only help you to save time and energy in your daily meeting routine. They are also paramount to professionally handle special moments such as taking a difficult decision in a group or tackling other complicated social and managerial tasks within a team, organisation or a network. With a competent lead in an enhancing atmosphere of trust and open communication you will be able to harness the inherent strengths of any group at any event.

The participants

  • consciously step into and fill their role as facilitator
  • feel comfortable in front of a group and start to discover and/or develop their individual style of facilitation
  • have the basic knowledge to design and implement well-structured and goal-oriented group events
  • are competent and effective in the use of graphic and written display
  • can handle critique and «special» participants in a conducive way
  • manage to lead open and productive discussions


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Olivia M. Hartmann-Fässler
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