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Connect alpine Space 2021+: Circular economy

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation bezüglich Coronavirus haben diverse Veranstalter entschieden, Events abzusagen bzw. zu verschieben. regiosuisse übernimmt keine Garantie für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der Angaben. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen jeweils direkt an den Veranstalter.

This year marks a transition year between our current programme and the future Interreg Alpine Space programme 2021-2027. Already this autumn, we will launch the first call for project proposals. It is now time to bring together all interested stakeholders to further discuss the challenges of the area and to find ways to tackle them through cooperation. Let’s kick off or continue our cooperation with three thematic sessions and meet virtually at Connect @lpine space 2021+.


Welcoming words and introduction 14:00 –14:10
Representative of the Joint Secretariat / Managing Authority, Interreg Alpine Space programme
Wolfgang Pfefferkorn Rosinak & Partner, Moderator 

Keynote 14:10 –14:20
Julija Kekstaite Policy Officer for Social Affairs at RREUSE network (NGO)

Panel discussion 14:20 –14:50
30-minute panel discussion moderated by Wolfgang Pfefferkorn and a Joint Secretariat 
Project Officer. The keynote speaker Julija Kekstaite and the following panellists will participate: 
Sara Poupart Regional Council of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, National Coordinator of the Interreg Alpine Space programme (FR)
Igor Kos WCYCLE Institute (SL), Interreg Alpine Space Project GREENCYCLE
Panellist To be announced. Stay tuned!

Questions & Answers 14:50 –15:10
Online participants are kindly invited to ask questions related to the topic of the panel 
discussion. The questions will be selected by the moderators.

BREAK 15:10 –15:20 

Wrap up and introduction to the networking sessions 15:20 –15:30
Short wrap up of the key findings and introduction to the following networking sessions. 

Virtual networking in Zoom breakout rooms 15:30 –16:15
2x20’ rounds of networking in Zoom breakout rooms. The breakout rooms cover different 
aspects of circular economy. You will be able to participate in the breakout rooms you 
have chosen in the registration form. 

END 16:15

Virtual networking on wonder.me: informal meet and match 16:15 – open end
We kindly invite you to join the virtual networking via wonder.me to further continue the 
exchange with other participants. In this informal session, not guided by the Interreg Alpine 
Space team, you will find the perfect setting to develop new cooperation opportunities. 

Technical guidance

The event(s) will take place on Zoom and wonder.me. Registered participants will receive further information, including access links, a couple of days prior to the event(s) via e-mail. This event is part of the online event series Connect @lpine Space 2021+. Visit our dedicated page to find more information on the events taking place on 5, 10 and 12 May 2021.

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