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CIPRA Annual Conference

Etant donnée la situation actuelle en lien avec le coronavirus, différents événements sont annulés ou repoussés. regiossuisse ne garantit pas l’exactitude ni l’exhaustivité des informations. Veuillez contacter directement l'organisateur concerné si vous avez des questions.

Join us on a journey between nature and society, mountains and cities, in search of new ways and already prepared paths to sustainably preserve the natural heritage of the Alps. After inspiring presentations on the value of ecosystem services and the importance of natural capital for the Alpine Space, we will discuss the challenges and new balances in the relationship between city and mountain.

CIPRA's Annual Conference is scheduled to take place from 1 to 3 July 2021 in Biella, the Italian Alpine Town of the Year 2021. CIPRA Italy and CIPRA International are organising the Annual Conference with the support of the City of Biella, Alpine Town of the Year 2021, and the Alpine Town of the Year Association. Simultaneous interpretation in the main Alpine languages German, French, Italian and Slovenian is provided. Further information on registration and the programme will follow at the end of May 2021. Until then, we cordially invite you to a lively exchange and would be pleased if you would make a note of this date now!

Biella, Italien
CIPRA - living in the alps
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