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MSc Business Administration – Major Tourism

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The Master in Business Administration with a Major in Tourism is suitable for Bachelor graduates in tourism who want to further increase their knowledge and skills but also for those that have a Bachelor in a different subject and want to add tourism specific knowledge. Both sets of students will benefit from a more strategic perspective on business administration and tourism. Our students aim for challenging managerial responsibilities in tourism and related sectors, in Switzerland and worldwide.


The MSc BA Major Tourism comprises four main module categories: modules in the Major Tourism, General Management, Research Methodology, as well as Research Projects. 

The Major Tourism consist of three module groups: International Tourism Management, Strategic Innovation Management and Tourism, Nature and Society.

The General Management modules concentrate on the topic of corporate management at three different levels: stakeholders, organisations and people.

The modules in the Research Methodology part teach students how practical problems can be solved following scientific principles. This knowledge is put into practice for example in Applied Research Projects and the Master Thesis.

More than lectures:

Studying in a tourism region offers many opportunities for learning. In addition to the teaching and learning methods used in the lectures, you will be able to benefit from a seminar series, excursions, directed consultancy projects, a mentoring programme, networking opportunities, international exchanges, etc.


Full-time study:

Semester 1: Tourism Policy, Tourism System, Service Management, Technological Innovations, Human-Environment Systems and Environmental Change, Intercultural Competence, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communication, Research Design, Qualitative + Quantitative Research Methods

Semester 2: Network Management, New Business Models, Sustainable Tourism Management, Socio-Economic Development through Tourism, Strategic Management, Organisational Development, Specific Research Methods, Applied Research Project 1 + 2

Semester 3: Tourism Infrastructure: Development and Finance, Innovations in Marketing, Risk and Crisis Management in Tourism, Leadership, Talent Management, Pre-Study Master Thesis, Master Thesis

Part-time study:

Many of our students work in the tourism industry while studying for the master at the same time. We can tailor your study plan towards your individual requirements as long as your studies do not exceed eight semesters. Should your situation change during your time at the HTW Chur, it is possible to switch between full-time and part-time study.


The tourism sector is experiencing a strong trend towards professionalism. Advanced skills and qualifications will set you apart from the rest and help you master the increase of technical, economic, and social developments which affect tourism businesses and destinations. The MSc Business Administration with a Major in Tourism provides you with opportunities to learn and practice these skills while giving you the chance to increase your knowledge of tourism.

With support from experts in the field of tourism, you will develop your holistic thinking by applying academic knowledge to real world problems that tourism stakeholders grapple with.

Our small class sizes, international student body, excursions to international and regional destinations and guest lecturers make for interesting and interactive learning environments in which everyone learns from each other’s experiences.




Master of Science FHO in Business Administration with a Major in Tourism


The following admission requirements apply:

Please contact us should you not have previous knowledge in Business Administration at Bachelor level.

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent diploma from a university or university of applied sciences
  • Documented academic knowledge in business administration
  • Letter of motivation
  • C1 level English certificate
  • Formal admission interview with the Director of Studies
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University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur
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