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Financial instruments and measures within the framework of the NRP

The NRP focuses on financial support for initiatives, projects and programmes that contribute to innovation, value creation and competitiveness in different regions. The NRP also promotes European territorial cooperation in line with the programmes Interreg, ESPON, URBACT and INTERACT.

Regions, businesses and other interested parties can apply to the cantons for the following financial aid within the framework of the NRP:

  • Contributions «A-fonds-perdu» are meant for the preparation, implementation and evaluation of initiatives, programmes and projects and should serve as start-up financing. The NRP supports projects concerning pre-competitive activities and activities on an intercompany level as well as projects aiming at improving locational factors for businesses and competitiveness. «A-fonds-perdu» means non-refundable financial aid; i.e. the contributions do not have to be refunded.
  • Low-interest or interest-free loans are meant for projects aiming at improving the development of value-generating infrastructure in a certain area and thus making the area more attractive.

Financial aid granted within the framework of the NRP is paid by the federal government and the cantons in equal parts. There is no limit to the percentage of public funds in the total project volume. To be eligible for funding, projects must have an impact on mountain, border or rural regions. Projects in line with the European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) are exempted from this rule: They can be launched throughout Switzerland.


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