La plate-forme du développement régional en Suisse

TourismusForum Alpenregionen – Metamorphose: Alpine Destinationen in der Reifeprüfung

Famous TFA Tourism Forum celebrates its 30th anniversary 

So what could be closer than to celebrate surrounded by eight mountain passes, deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in the source region of the European rivers Rhone, Rhine and Reuss - Andermatt.

As a former military base - but also a natural health resort - Andermatt in winter as well as in summer is a place for nature lovers who are looking for a fantastic mountain experience.

The region offers with the newly created SkiArena Andermatt-Sedrun as the largest Central Swiss ski resort an impressive winter sports area and is a well-known center for freeriders.

With the commitment of the investor Samih Sawiris and his company Andermatt Swiss Alps, a strong tourism development has evolved. It is growing a resort with several hotels, holiday homes and holiday apartments, an 18-hole golf course, shops and a sports and leisure center with an ice rink and an indoor swimming pool.

"Andermatt is a very special place - mystic, authentic and currently in a move. We are delighted that we will be holding our anniversary TFA at this destination" say forum responsibles Roland Zegg and Carmen Heinrich.


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