La plate-forme du développement régional en Suisse

Thinking and Planning in Areas of Territorial Cooperation ACTAREA

Based on the Swiss experience in defining the so-called «action areas» (Handlungsräume), the project ACTAREA is aiming at exploring the added value and potentials of new forms of cooperation areas. In particular it should analyse for which tasks and territorial/political context «action areas» do make sense in terms of territorial cooperation.

The main outcome should be a comparative analysis of existing cooperation areas in Europe, practical guidance on how to implement and coordinate the implementation of policies in these areas in relation to existing levels of governance, including examples of existing good practices.

A central part of the analysis is to find out if there are similar, politically defined areas of territorial cooperation in Europe and if there are comparable approaches in other European countries or at European level. If so, it is important to identify the lessons that can be learned. Good practices, threats and opportunities will be documented and discussed.

Durée du projet
01.11.2016 - 30.11.2017
Instrument de financement

Office fédéral du développement territorial ARE

Les buts stratégiques et les thèmes prioritaires mis en œuvre dans le cadre de la NPR varient selon le canton et la région et sont déterminants pour savoir si un projet peut bénéficier du soutien financier de la NPR.
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