La piattaforma per lo sviluppo regionale in Svizzera

12th European and Global CLINAM‐Summit

Clinical Nanomedicine and the Impact of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence for Precision Medicine

Towards innovation in Clinical Nanomedicine

The CLINAM Summit is a globally unique event that brings together all stakeholders in nanomedicine, targeted medicine and precision medicine and in its 12th Conference emphasizes besides nanomedicine and related fields the role of digitalization and artificial intelligence. The present achievements will be highlighted and the ambitious goal is the interdisciplinary endeavor to improve the medicine of the future together.

The Summit builds on the principle that fundamental and applied scientists, developers, clinicians, regulators and professionals from various related fields can mutually learn from each other to find better solutions together. This leads to new collaborations and consortia of experts that can accelerate the development and strengthen
the efforts towards a medicine that delivers more benefits to patients and society.

Tipo di evento
Congres Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel
CLINAM European foundation for clinical nanomedicine switzerland
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