La piattaforma per lo sviluppo regionale in Svizzera

Jugend auf dem Gipfel 2020

L’emergenza Coronavirus ha indotto numerosi organizzatori ad annullare o rinviare i loro eventi. regiosuisse non garantisce in nessun caso la correttezza o la completezza delle informazoni. Per eventuali domande, vi preghiamo di rivolgervi direttamente all’organizzatore.

From 16th July until 30th September 2020  protected areas all over the Alps and Carpathians take groups of curious kids, teens and twens up to the mountains to experience the mountains in a diverse and creative way. This year's topic is "Alpine faune and climate change".

Many young people show poor understanding for their living environment and the mountains. For the sixth time in 2020, the project Youth at the Top aims at re-connecting youth to the mountains and nourishing their sense of solidarity, empathy and respect for nature and people. Raising awareness in our young generation means caring for the future and the sustainable development in the Alps.

What's the impact of climate change on the animals living in the Alps? How do increasing temperatures and droughts influence feeding and recreation patterns? Why is that important for the ecosystem and us as humans?

Youth at the top is a unique opportunity to address these questions in a creative and playful way at a local level: Drawing, building, playing theatre and experiencing the environment with all senses allow for self-centered learning and participative interaction. At the same time, tools like "The Alps in my Backpack" allow for an international framing, helping youngsters to experience the dimension of mountains regions and their connectedness regardless of any national borders.

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