La plate-forme du développement régional en Suisse

«Regional Research Actors in Switzerland – an Overview»

The focus of this overview lies on regional development. This includes research that contributes to regional policy and regional development in Switzerland, as defined by the NRP. In particular, economic geography, regional economics, regional policy, legal, sociological and political science, spatial development and research on change processes are taken into account. Additionally, the overview reports on educational programmes offered by the registered institutions in the sector of regional development.

This is the fifth fully revised overview of research institutes. It contains 91 regional research actors in the field of regional development and regional policy in Switzerland. The list is not concluded. We hope that the overview contributes to an exchange and a network amongst scientific actors in the fields of regional development and regional policy. It should facilitate connections between research actors and practice.

This list will no longer be updated. Please refer to our address database for up-to-date entries. 

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