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Master of Science in Communication and Economics, Major in Corporate Communication

Goals and contents

Corporate communication plays today a key role in the management of organizations, by helping them project who they are and what they do and by participating in the decision making process. In charge of managing relationships with the organization's stakeholders, corporate communication contributes to enhance the quality of corporate and business decisions. It also steers the organizational identity processes at the heart of corporate branding. It therefore contributes to the management of the organization's reputation capital, a key factor influencing the ability of an organization to attract strategic resources. In this it is a strategic partner of other corporate functions: for instance in managing relationships with investors, it interacts with financial managers; in dealing with public authorities and regulators, it collaborates with legal services; in addressing issues of identity and corporate culture, it partners with human resources specialists; in communicating with customers, it collaborates with marketers, etc. Corporate communication specialists therefore need to acquire solid general management skills in order to carry out their roles effectively.

To this purpose, the programme develops analytical and decision-making abilities for corporate communication, grounded in a sound knowledge of organisation, business economics and management. In order to help develop these analytical and decision making skills, lectures are integrated with more active teaching methods, consisting of discussion of case histories, role-playing, business games, individual and group projects, etc.

Study programme

The two-year programme consists of general management courses, core courses, elective courses and the Capstone Work.

The General Management courses (30 ECTS) cover the main areas of management and are offered in common with the Master in Marketing and the Master in Management. These are compulsory and to be taken during the first term.

The Core courses (36 ECTS) are specialization courses distributed on the second and third term. They include two methodology courses (Data Analysis and Corporate Communication Research). Core course are compulsory.

The Elective courses (24 ECTS) are to be chosen from relevant courses on corporate communication related topics. The list of electives offered during each term can change. The choice of an elective is to be agreed upon with the program coordinator. Electives can be taken during the second and third term of the program (if needed also during the fourth term). The selection of specific elective courses allow students to obtain 'minors'.

The Capstone Work (30 ECTS) consists in the Field project (12 ECTS) and the Master's Thesis (18 ECTS), both to be carried out in the fourth term.

During the second and third semesters, students are required to earn 24 ECTS of electives courses.
Students can choose the courses they are interested in, among (a) elective courses offered in four distinctive minors, (b) other electives and (c) core courses offered in other USI's Master programmes.
Students can decide to obtain one or two 'minors' by taking all courses listed in the minor(s) of their choice. Every 'minor' consist of four courses of 3 ECTS for a total of 12 ECTS.



Fees and grants

Tuition fees for the Master's degrees amount to CHF 4,000 per semester. Applicants whose official residence was in Switzerland (including Liechtenstein and Campione d'Italia, under certain conditions) at the time of the final high school exam (Maturità) pay a reduced semester fee of CHF 2,000.

Tuition fees are payable at the beginning of each term, by the deadline indicated on the invoice; fee payment is an essential condition for matriculating or renewing one's enrolment.

For the academic year 2017/2018, the Foundation for the Lugano Faculties of the Università della Svizzera italiana will award a total of 60 one-off study grants of the amount of CHF 4'000 each. The merit-based grants are given to the students admitted to the first year of a USI Master programme starting in September 2017.


The formal requirement for admission to the Master's degree in Corporate Communication is a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences granted by a recognised university.

Candidates are expected to have acquired basic concepts of management, economics, marketing statistics and communication sciences corresponding to introductory courses in these subjects in Bachelor programs in order to follow effectively the programme.

The places offered are limited, therefore the selection can be effected on the basis of the academic results.

Candidates with a Bachelor's degree from a University of Applied sciences may be admitted with a study debt of 30-60 extra ECTS to be earned:

  • with Bachelor's courses at USI which can be attended during the Master studies (please note that bachelor's course at USI are taught in Italian)
  • with Bachelor's courses at another recognised University prior to start the Master studies. The university and list of courses to attend has to be agreed with the Director of the Master.

For candidates who need to refresh their knowledge of the basic concepts in accounting, marketing and statistics; tutorials are offered before the beginning of the programme (accounting, marketing) or during the programme (statistics).

Application procedure

To submit your application, please refer to the indications for filling out the online form available here.

Applications will be accepted starting from January.

Application deadline is June 30.
Application deadline for candidates who need a visa is April 30.

Late applications will be considered only in case of available places.

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