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Training for Facilitators: How to lead workshops and meetings efficiently and effectively

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation bezüglich Coronavirus haben diverse Veranstalter entschieden, Events abzusagen bzw. zu verschieben. regiosuisse übernimmt keine Garantie für die Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit der Angaben. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei Fragen jeweils direkt an den Veranstalter.

Target Group

Anyone who facilitates meetings, workshops, trainings, seminars and other group events and would like to do this in (more) competent and fun way.


The participants

  • are aware of the role and the behaviour (inner attitude, outer attire of trustworthiness and strength) of a facilitator and consciously step into it;
  • feel comfortable in front of a group and start to discover and/or develop their individual style of facilitation;
  • have the basic knowledge to soundly prepare and implement meetings, workshops and training sequences;
  • can handle “special” participant and critics;
  • manage/lead discussions by paraphrasing and the use of concise questions.


The participants get to know and/or further develop the basic techniques and tools of a facilitator, such as:

  • confidently leading a group;
  • making clear agreements with a group;
  • clearly distributing roles and tasks;
  • designing sequences in workshops and discussions;
  • visualizing and structuring discussions;
  • formulating concise questions;
  • understanding and considering group processes.


Due to the (inter)active nature of the training the max. number of participants is 14.

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Olivia Hartmann
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