La piattaforma per lo sviluppo regionale in Svizzera

The World in Europe, global FDI flows towards Europe

While the world increasingly functions as one market for investments, worldwide competition between places also becomes stronger. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) flows are crucial because they ensure that the EU is well positioned in world markets and able to profit from worldwide investment flows. Globalisation has seen a dramatic increase of capital movements, including notably of FDI.
With the right policy framework, this type of investment in Europe can support financial stability, promote economic development and enhance the well being of societies. Regarding the latter, it is important to consider the role of FDI in local communities, offer jobs and growth, make the best of the human capital and potential challenges that it could bring such as environmental risks, location difficulties, possible cultural diversities, local customs and ethics.
The Lisbon Treaty provides the framework for the Union to contribute to the progressive abolition of restrictions on foreign direct investment. The Treaty grants the Union exclusive competence to that effect.
The European Commission outlined its approach for the EU's future investment policy in its Communication "Towards a comprehensive European international investment policy" in 2010. This policy contributes to the objectives of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, set out in the Europe 2020 Strategy.
The “Investment Plan for Europe to strengthen Europe's competitiveness and to stimulate investment for the purpose of job creation” (2014) aims at improving the investment environment in Europe. The third strand of the Plan consists of providing greater regulatory predictability, removing barriers to investment across Europe and further reinforcing the Single Market by
creating the optimal framework conditions for investment in Europe.
This project will further elaborate on relevant results of the ESPON TIGER analysis on FDI flows, as well as experiences of the ESPON FOCI and ESPON ITAN projects.
The main objective of this project is to provide recommendations that could support regions and cities in their positioning and defining their policies towards receiving FDI, as well as integrating the attraction of foreign firms in regional development strategies.

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01.06.2016 - 31.12.2017
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