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EUSALP 3rd workshop on communication

Etant donnée la situation actuelle en lien avec le coronavirus, différents événements sont annulés ou repoussés. regiossuisse ne garantit pas l’exactitude ni l’exhaustivité des informations. Veuillez contacter directement l'organisateur concerné si vous avez des questions.

The aim of this 3rd workshop would be to bring together interested members of the Executive Board, interested members of the Actions Groups and external experts on communication, as well as stakeholders of the Alpine region, to define the role of each actor in several communication actions.

In the end of the workshop, participants should be able to deliver key messages with relevant tools, according to their group category (EUSALP implementers, political leaders, European institutions, civil society, young people) and in a coordinated way.


  • Presentation of the communication tools to implement the strategic paper on communication.
  • Training of participants on how to make the best use of communications tools.
  • To share with the EUSALP community theimplementation progress of the Communication strategy and actions carried out in 2019 + the step forward.
  • Support the dialogue between the Executive Board & the Action Groups.
Milan, Italy
EUSALP Italian Presidency Team
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