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MSc BFH in Life Sciences + MSc HSWT Regional Management in Mountain Areas (double master’s)


Bern University of Applied Sciences 
School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL 




MSc BFH in Life Sciences +
MSc HSWT Regional Management in Mountain Areas (double master’s)


The Alpine master’s programme will equip you with sound professional knowledge of regional management in mountain areas – you will become an expert in your field. You will master a broad spectrum of methodological and leadership skills and learn to manage complex projects competently.

With the Alpine master’s you will be well prepared to take on challenging leadership roles in companies, associations, NGOs or local government or to pursue applied research – in the public or private sector. You will be qualified for posts in the fields of regional development, nature parks and protected areas or in related sectors including agriculture and forestry.

Target group

Students with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture, forest science, geography, biology, tourism, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, nature management or similar fields of study, with good knowledge of German and English.


During this major, you will combine your knowledge of ecological and socio-economic issues with the management of regional development in mountain areas. You will therefore be studying how nature, land use, society and politics interact. In particular, you will examine:

  • the agricultural use of the Alpine region
  • specific natural hazards and risk management
  • current methods for geospatial analysis, such as GIS
  • changing living conditions in the Alpine region
  • project management
  • regional planning nature reserves
  • tourism
  • leadership and human resources management
  • public relations and conflict management

The content relates specifically to mountain areas and will be illustrated by examples from the Alps.

You decide in the light of your previous education, interests and career plans whether you want to focus on agricultural science or in forest science in the Alpine master’s programme.

You will spend one semester at HAFL in Zollikofen (Bern) and one at the HSWT in Weihenstephan near Munich. The third semester is spent working on your master’s thesis.

Application deadline

Spring 2020 start: 15 January 2020
Autumn 2020 start: 30 April 2020

Start date

Spring: calendar week 12

Autumn: calendar week 38

Mode of study

Full-time (3 semesters). Part-time on request.

Study language

English and German


Zollikofen (Switzerland), one semester in Weihenstephan near Munich (Germany).

Zollikofen (BE)
Bern University of Applied Sciences; School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences HAFL
Prof. Jean-Jacques Thormann
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