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SmartVillages Abschlusskonferenz

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Digitalisation is present in all areas of life. Sustainable smart solution models for living and working in rural areas differ in several aspects from solution models that are applied within the framework of smart city concepts. At first glance, digitalisation offers many possibilities. But how can these models be effectively put into practice, and what can politics and administration do to ensure that people benefit from the opportunities of digitalisation?
The SmartVillages project, which unites 13 project partners in six Alpine countries, has been dealing with these questions of a digital transformation in rural areas since April 2018. The SmartVillages final conference aims to present the project results, especially the pilot activities, the “digital exchange platform” (DEP) and the “SmartVillages Charter”.

SmartVillages final conference: 

The SmartVillages final conference takes place on the 29.04.2021 from 9.15 - 12.15 will be held online via Zoom (Webinar) in English with simultaneous translation into German. All participants will receive a draft “SmartVillages Charter” well before the event and everyone is invited to submit comments. An updated version will be presented during the conference.

SmartLand symposium: 

In the afternoon a special focus will be on pilot activities of smart and successful rural communities in Germany within the framework of the SmartVillages subproject SmartLand. The event will be in German with simultaneous translation into English.

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Peter Niederer
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