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Training for Facilitators – How to lead workshops and meetings efficiently and effectively

When working with groups good facilitation is paramount to success. A facilitator who guides the process in a professional, goal-oriented way and also understands to create a motivating atmosphere and a culture of open communication will be able to harness and make good use of the full potential of a group. Meetings – be it a team meeting, a workshop related to the exchange of experiences and/or project cycle management, a training situation or any other public event – will become more efficient and effective, without being less fun. 

To get to know and/or deepen the basic techniques and behaviours of a facilitator 
The participants: 

  • are able to consciously step into and fill out their role as facilitator, feel comfortable in front of a group and start to discover and/or develop their individual style of facilitation; 
  • have the basic knowledge to soundly prepare and implement meetings, workshops and training sequences; 
  • are competent and effective in the use of graphic and written display (visualization); 
  • can handle «special» participant and critics; 
  • manage/lead discussions by paraphrasing and the use of concise questions.
Walkringen (BE)
Olivia Hartmann, Niels Rump
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