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Master in Corporate Communication

Goals and contents

The programme stretches over two years (120 ECTS credits). During the first year, students attend core courses, while during the second year students personalise their study curricula according to their individual interests and apply what they have learned.

MCC provides a solid general management foundation, which is shaped around topics relevant for communication. On this basis, all main corporate communication disciplines are covered, with a strong focus on how to manage organizational culture, corporate identity and brand and on how to protect reputational capital. The programme favours a strategic and multi-stakeholder approach and claims a central role for communication in corporate and business decisions. It therefore promotes corporate communication as a strategic partner of other corporate functions. For instance, in managing relationships with investors, communication managers interact with financial managers; in dealing with public authorities and regulators, they collaborate with legal services; in addressing issues of identity and corporate culture, they partner with human resources specialists; in communicating with customers, they collaborate with marketers, etc.


The approach proposed by MCC also prepares students who intend to embrace a career in general management roles, which require a “communication-intensive” approach. This is the case, for example, in roles in the area of HR, sustainability, compliance, social media, marketing, etc. The profile of our graduates is particularly well suited to “agile” organizations, where cross-cutting management and communication competences are required.

Study programme

In the first semester, students attend the core general management classes (30 ECTS).

In the second semester, they take core corporate communication courses (30 ECTS).

During the third semester (30 ECTS), students can choose from a rich selection of elective courses. They can also opt for an exchange programme with another university in Switzerland or abroad.

During the last semester students work in teams on a field project (12 ECTS), consulting client organizations, and individually write up their Master’s thesis (18 ECTS).


The programme develops analytical and decision-making abilities for corporate communication, grounded in a sound knowledge of management. In order to help develop these analytical and decision making skills, lectures are integrated with more active teaching methods, consisting of discussion of case histories, role-playing, business games, individual and group projects, etc.

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