Die Plattform für Regionalentwicklung in der Schweiz

ESPON: Territorial patterns and relations in Switzerland

The content of the following overview is a summary of research results from different thematic applied research projects under the ESPON 2020 programme. Its main goal is to showcase the wide range of ESPON research and, by zooming-in on a specific country, raise interest for the scientific results at a national and regional scale. The indicators and analyses in this document represent the data availability at the time when the research was undertaken and are not based on the most recent data. In a few cases, for some rather basic indicators that could easily be reproduced, more up-to-date information was used. It is therefore important to note that this overview is mainly a collection of available findings with different time stamps and not an up-to-date, comprehensive analysis.

Tristan Claus, Tom Goosse
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